Snail Mail

Snail Mail

I’m not entirely sure when we all lost the art of sending letters and cards. I want to challenge you all to send out 1 card or 1 letter to a special person in your life.

When you are lost for words, I’ve got you covered. I hope one of these phrases will inspire you to remind your loved ones how much you care. It only takes a few minutes to really show someone you really care.


loving me ~ forgiving me ~ your support ~ remembering ~ never letting me down ~ making me feel safe ~ making me laugh ~ all those frisky nights ~ giving me butterflies ~ your advice ~ your wisdom ~ your passion ~ allowing me to be me ~ a million reasons ~ always being on my team ~ cleaning up after me ~ making me dance with you ~ making my heart a little bigger ~ always having something nice to say ~ not laughing when I cry at the movies ~ staying calm when I stress out

I hope one of these phrases speaks to you and you feel inspired to send someone a card this weekend.